There was the time that Milton Friedman convinced Companies that the social responsibility of business was to increase the shareholder value. Since 1984, Robert Edward Freeman says: “If you just look at financiers, you’ll miss what makes capitalism tick. You have to look at (the value for) all stakeholders.”

Professor Freeman, father of modern Stakeholders Theory on IESE Business Ethics Symposium, 2016  


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First release: 1997

Abstract: This is the John Elkington's visionary book. Cannibals with forks - The triple bottom line of the 21st century promotes a new, responsible approach to businesses that should take into consideration environmental, social and economic dimensions of sustainable development. Presented trough seven resolutions, Elkington reveals new stakes that companies will have to take into consideration in the next century.

Keywords: triple bottom line, sustainable strategy, stakeholder, people, planet, profit, Corporate Social Responsibility 




Our Company is totally committed to the Sustainable development topics that embrace the 17 SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals. Each time that we perform in a company, our background thought is leveraged by this goals reflected by the continuous acquisition of knowledge coming from academic papers of this field, books, articles, newsletters, blogs, symposiums, conferences and media that we receive, read and watch each day. A full network of partners that work with the same propose.

We are the proof  that by applying academic knowledge into your company you can anticipate behaviours, contribute to prevention and minimize risks. With us you contribute at your best level to the 17SDG. We can go further and jointly we can even explore differentiating challenges with UNDP.  Just look at our services and contact us!