Communication & Writing


  • Benchmarking
  • Sustainable Development Reports

For us Operational Governance has to work with the 17SDG. Governance is frequently seen as a cost centre that fills out mandatory requirements expressed by factual good will guidelines of the company. With the need to generate value from any company department, operational governance has become the writing hand of financial reports exposing all steps of your value chain.

The CSR report is now a full company Report, with clear procedures and exhibits of the reality, exposing the way the company generates value.

If CSR has a core Philanthropist initiative, SD shows the road of with the way they do business with ethical and ecological concerns. In our days we don’t have to chose anymore which model to take: the social or the economical. Today companies only have eyes to the economical model build with emotions. A place where all departments have to generate social value contributing to the search of responsible profits.

develop companies to innovate within these stages;
spotlight all best practices exposing recognition with effective quantifiable communication;
implement he newest non financial repports called Sustainable Development Repports;
capable of showing all roadmap of your activities informing with clear traceability.


  • Sustainable Development notions & field implementations
  • Team Leaders Behaviors – Executive Coaching

The focus: to solidify notions throughout the entire team.
Because all stakeholders should have access to the newest business model of our XXIst century, we dispose 2 or 3 days training sessions adressed to a complete business team and partners. We also have specific Executive coaching programs

These programs are perfect to create a common value, achieving in a fast paced all doings under sustainable development practices.


  • Film
  • Animation

We are far from the days of static communication. Using dynamic tools not only by different platforms, like web design and applications, but also with eye rest, to reach the more interested demand.
We develop tailor-made media to really show what once was ment to be read.