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  • Marketing & Sales Agency
  • International trade
  • Websites and Applications Design
  • Research and Measurement

Consumers are becoming more and more informed. Brands have access to several types of prospecting and loyalty methods, such as metric actions tcapable of crossing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication) or other niche methods. The common gap occurs when companies are no longer able to deliver in advance. Some brands tend to die or be forgotten. Even here, with “leapfrogging” methods, we can alive them, and in fact, this is one of our passionate works in branding.

Today, demand managers seek to understand the purchase and how to conquer consumers. They all strive the best behavior to do the common good for themselves and their environment. It is difficult to feel if you are far from the action unless you are constantly informed.

In addition, consumers tend to look for less complexity, to gain confidence. Everyone who comes to the new economies like the circular economy, the social economy, the green economy or the participative economy works for the long-term commitment of their clients.

Who heve asked for no name bags in New York? Who demanded the eradication of all kinds of children’s exploitation? Who heve forced brands to take seriously the traceability of their leather clothing? What do you think will happen tomorrow in terms of climate consciousness?

From traceability to the perceived ownership of the brand, SG offers a complete BPS (Brand Positioning Statement) or MSP (Marketing Strategy Plan).

We help to develop your products in good conscience. We apply branding strategies, like web design. We have successfully deployed existing activities that are strongly rooted in sustainable development practices.



  • Stakeholder improvement
  • Public institutions
  • Implementation tools

More and more institutions are trying to prioritize the social side of their activities. Here, our concern feeds concrete actions to achieve the goals of sustainable development.

In a very open way, the Societal Strategy concentrates its work on a forgotten segment that the businessman considered as not being sufficiently interesting. With this Cooperation strategy, private societal activity is growing rapidly at double-digit level. The emergence of the digital economy with the ubisation of services, the universal definition launched by Maurice Lévy in 2014, makes social business one of the best segments of the 21st century.

We are helping all kinds of actions to embrace these initiatives by building a concrete consulting with access to modern tools and specifics in business modeling expansion. It’s the perfect link between public and private policies.



  • Ecological company
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Field implementations

Ecology, Biology, Non-fossil Energy, Water Recovery, Passive Construction, Nature Development, Product Replacement to Renewable Nature Products, … We help you see how your business should expand. When you think of new investments, we will present you a full strategy plan and will take action to put in practice all steps to achieve a perfect plan of action.

We develop a specific MBS (Market Business Strategy). We are looking for long-term cost savings that might be interesting in pursuing or solving a specific situation.